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Series 400FC Process Control Limit Switches, Valve Operating Limit Switches.
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Download Limit Switches Series 400FC
  Limit Switches Series 400FC



The FLUCON 400FC Series Limit switch visual indicator is a mechanical device which graphically displays the angular displacement (rotary indication) of a quarter turn valve or any other device operating between 0° & 90°. The limit switch indicator represents a true indication of valve position. It is infinitely adjustable and delivers a 100% change of indication, displaying 90° of rotation by utilising and amplified mechanical drive.

Series 400 FC Limit Switch.

  Integrated Characteristic

Suitable for Rotary quarter turn actuator.
Extremely vibration resistance design.

Corrosion Resistance Aluminum Diecast and Powder Coated Body, Dome of Poly Carbonate with Yellow/Red On/Off Indicator.

Honeywell / Omron / Cherry / P & F make Switches.

Dust Proof & Weather Proof IP 67 & IP 68 Enclosure/ Ex. proof. IIA, IIB, IIC.

Captive Cover Bolts. No Worry to Loose Bolts While Cover Opens.

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