“Valve Automation Company”
Manufacturer of Valve Automation Products for Controlling Actuators, Pneumatic Cylinders and Pneumatic Control Valves. Technical Manuals on I/P Transducers, Electro Pneumatic Positioners, Valve Positioners and Limit Switches. Contact for Valve Automation Company, USA.
Cost Effective Valve Automation Solutions Provider for Industrial Process Control.
  Limit Switches
Series 300 / 301
(small) FC
Limit Switches
Series 400 FC
Limit Switches
Series 300 / 400 FC
I/P Transducers
Series 500FC
I/P Transducers
Series 600FC
  Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
Series 700FC
Valve Positioners
Series 800FC
  Smart Positioner 900FC
  Company Profile
  Mission Statement :
  Flucon aims to provide customers around the world with high quality, cost- effective Valve Automation Solutions for critical industrial processes.

We excel because of the superior performance and service of our products and applications, as well as our dedication to creating a culture     of prompt & responsive services at the site as well.
  Why Customers Prefer Flucon:
  We know customers have many choices and we want their choice to be FLUCON ! !
QUALITY: A valve automation product line manufactured according to complete quality package that begins with a solid product design understanding customer requirements, easy field service, quality manufacturing which ends with total customer satisfaction.
TECHNOLOGY: Decades of technology transferring and customer feed back have combined with state-of-the-art ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities to produce innovative valve automation solutions.
TESTING : Product testing is performed at all points in manufacturing process from design, prototyping, to components testing, to assembly and individual calibration,testing, each unit is tested & certified to insure a customer receives exactly what they are paying for.
PURPOSE : Flucon totally dedicated to the valve automation and valve market, industrial applications and system integration. ( not a part of any large, diversified group)
INVENTORY : A key aspect of marketing our products is inventory. We have well managed, competent, and diversified channels including private branding, in-country distributors that support the local markets where they are located and serve. Additional factory inventory is maintained at our Gandhinagar, India , U.S.A & Canada Service centers. We deliver all our standard products within 24 hrs with Competitive pricing. This is our important aspect of our responsive service philosophy.