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Series 300FC Limit Switches for Rotary Quarter Turn Actuators.
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  Smart Positioner 900FC



FLUCON Smart Valve Positioner, using all-digital operation and the operation for stroke or angle of
travel of the pneumatic actuator. Action methods are single or double acting type. The Valve Position
locator is a two-wire instruments, to provide PID regulation function can be used as a local regulator
and the positioner integrated intelligent control devices. Valve Position Locator provides 4 ~ 20mA
input signal from the control, PID control output from the +24 VDC power supply circuit in series with the Position Transmitter operation. It will also have completed the regulator output current signalsinto the main function of regulating valve drive, but also work with in accordance with the valve stemfriction, offset by transfer medium pressure caused by unbalanced forces, thus opening the valve corresponding to regulator output control signals to achieve the correct positioning. Support the HART Protocol.

Series 300 FC Limit Switch.
    Features and Functions

1 Locator within the digital control, high reliability, good stability, small size, light weight, etc

2 Debugging convenient, without any tools, just press a few buttons on the locator interface, to complete the commissioning.

3 Feature set is simple, when adjusted to the working / counter mode, the valve on / off type, output characteristics, such as stroke or rotary direct settings.

4 Intelligent control of the valve medium wave, travel value, actuator leakage analysis can judge, the police, the valve optimization.

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