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Series 300FC Limit Switches for Rotary Quarter Turn Actuators.
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  Valve Positioners Series 800FC



The FLUCON FC800 series pneumatic positioner which utilizes a unique spool valve, is a cam characterized, force balanced instrument that is simple, rugged, and very user friendly for calibration and maintenance. The NEMA 4 X housing, is cast aluminum, with an electrostatically applied polyester coating for excellent resistance against a wide range of environmental conditions. This unit operates on a standard 3-15 psi instrument signal (12 psi span-optional 24 psi), and can provide years of trouble free service in many tough applications. The gauge block is cast into the unit and therefore standard. The large indicator has scaling to operate in both direct and reverse directions.

Series 300 FC Limit Switch.
     Ordering Information

The FLUCON FC800 series positioner can be ordered as a base model pneumatic positioner, converted to standard NEMA 4X electropneumatic, EX model, or FF (fail freeze) model in a matter of minutes, without removing the unit from the mounted valve package. You can add gauges, a feedback module, or a raised indicator, at any time....in just a matter of minutes. You can also order them configured in any of these models and then change or remove components in the field as needed. Maximum modularity equals maximum flexibility. And with a simple design and quality components, the


 Integrated Characteristic

Modular construction Base pneumatic unit can be quickly field converted to a fully optioned electro-pneumatic unit.
Suitable for Linear/Rotary quarter turn actuator. Single /Double acting.

Vibration, Position and Shock Insensitive.

Corrosion reisistance aluminum diecast and powder coated.

Different type of spindles (Drive) and cams for wide range of application and actuators.

High gain pilot valve Provides quick and accurate valve/actuator response.

High maximum supply pressure 145 psig (10 Bar).
FM, CSA & ATEX* approvals For Intrinsically Safe (FC8001/FC8002) and Explosion-proof
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